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Spiritual Vision & Clarity Coach for Christ-Centered Empaths My goal is to help those who are spiritually gifted to have the visual clarity and support they need so that they can move from burden to joyful freedom.
I coach spiritually gifted people who are focused on family, church, and education. My clients hold space and priority for themselves and their families. My spiritually gifted clients are Christ-centered healers that feel God has a calling for them to expand the opportunity for many people to receive the benefits of their work. Their work is rewarding and intuitively inspired. Their spiritual gifts come very easily in a divine download. My clients are focused on utilizing their gifts and furthering their expertise in ways that specifically meet their needs. Compassionate, service-minded, God-centered, and gifted with an expansive purpose.

Do you feel extremely privileged to have spiritual abilities, but sometimes it feels like it's a burden rather than a gift? Out of all people, empaths understand the exhaustion caused by holding everything in. We'd like to feel less alone. We worry that people will think we're insane. While empaths enjoy and need socialization, the wrong environment just completely messes us up and leaves us wanting to crawl into our shells. I am an empath helping spiritually gifted to have the visual clarity and support they need so that they can move from burden to joyful freedom. #spirituallygrounded

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Cherlynn Thomas is all about being practical – no drama! Cherlynn works with interesting, open-minded people because she is particularly adept at transforming anxiety-ridden situations into peaceful, perspective-laden experiences through spiritual perspective. Are you stressed and overworked with too many projects to wrap your arms around? Cherlynn lends a practical approach that tackles those projects with clear, concise, workable goals. You’ll come away knowing what your very next step needs to be! Cherlynn finds simpleness in emotional and spiritual strength. Cherlynn is adept at identifying patterns and recognizing intuitive, spiritual insights that guide people to their own Ideal Life. She has a connected understanding that helps others find their own spiritual power. Because of her experience with spiritual power, staying grounded, muscle testing, spiritual healing, and stillness through anxiety, she is an expert working with people who are seeking a spiritual connection and emotional strength. Cherlynn works with individuals and parents who seek to nurture themselves and their children. Cherlynn says, “power in stillness and inner thought allows you to know yourself and be centered and grounded in parenting relationships.” Cherlynn uses doTERRA essential oils and wellness products as support tools. Cherlynn loves nurturing her four children, studying Egyptology, conducting wellness workshops, and traveling to New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Japan, France, Egypt, and New York.
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