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Cherlynn Thomas is an amazing coach who is having a major impact on the lives of her clients. She is helping them get CLEAR and FOCUSED and has a talent for keeping them "on track". If you're ready for a change, connect with Cherlynn and have her help you create your own Ideal LifeVision so you can get results! Your life will never be the same. Ann Webb, Founder, Ideal LifeVision

The older I get the more I realize that nothing in life happens by accident. Everything happens for a reason and it happens when it's supposed to divine intervention, if you will. When Cherlynn Thomas offered me the opportunity to work with her in a coaching capacity and to utilize the Ideal LifeVision system, I was open to listening to what she had to say, especially since I had prayed on receiving guidance and help to build a massage practice and essential oil business.

When we met, I knew immediately that her offer to support and assist me in achieving my goals and aspirations was attainable. I knew instinctively that what she was offering me would help get me off the bench and into the game of growing my businesses. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I noticed almost immediately that working with Cherlynn had made a positive shift in my businesses that was tangible. Cherlynn has a wonderful coaching style. She is warm, supportive, and genuine. She coaches with compassion and love and gives you the tools to think outside of the box. The Ideal LifeVision system is easy to follow, can be done by anyone, and applies to all aspects of your life. Ideal LifeVision includes how to build the relationships you want, how to improve your spirituality, how to get yourself where you want to be professionally and financially, and helps you achieve your physical goals and aspirations. I must is money well spent, and I'm so glad that I decided to work with Cherlynn and Ideal LifeVision.

Adrienne Young

I have enjoyed listening to my Ideal LifeVision. It has given me hope for the future and what I can become. I feel I can accomplish and change things that seemed difficult or that I was too busy to fit in. I feel my relationships changing as I am becoming my ideal self.

We recently closed on our new home. We were able to receive a 4.0% interest rate. We saved a significant amount of money for our down payment. We sold our current home with $26,000 to put toward our down payment, which was only $4,000 short of the amount I put in my Ideal LifeVision. It was amazing to watch as we would get money here, a bonus there, and were able make money on the sale of our house instead of just break even. The things I put in my Ideal LifeVision with clarity seemed to come to pass with ease and came very close, if not exact, to what I had written. It has been a humbling and hope-filled experience.

Cherlynn has been a great mentor and coach who has helped me fine-tune my Ideal LifeVision. She has the insight to help word ideas so they are an exciting to listen to and not a burden. She also has great attention to details and keeps things positive and productive. She is very sensitive to those working on their personal dreams and is aware and gentle. I have loved working with her.

Alysia Thiriot

My Life Vision experience has been truly amazing. For the last few years I have really been focusing on my "goals". I have traveled the road of affirmations, visualization and the ever popular "post-it note all over your house" strategy. But still nothing was able to get me clear on EXACTLY what I wanted my ideal life to look like. That is until created my Ideal LifeVision. For the first time I was able to achieve complete clarity on how my ideal life looks. And the convenience of being able to listen to my Life Vision recording makes it so easy to remain dedicated to my Life Vision routine. Here are a few things that have already manifested in my life in just a few short months using my LifeVision:

I now live in the house I scripted
I moved to the neighborhood I want to live in
I have achieved several financial goals
Personal relationships are coming into my life
My professional life is beginning to take shape just like I scripted it

I highly recommend that anyone who is ready to live their ideal life use the Ideal LifeVision program.

Nate Guggia
I doubled my income within 30 days of writing my LifeVision. LH, client
I recorded my life vision about three days ago. I had my first thing show up today. SN, client

I can't say enough about how much my life has changed from attending Ann's LifeVision course and the impact it has had on my life. Ann's system is literally the next step up from "The Secret" or just thinking or envisioning your life. It is putting it into action. I have attended many self development seminars and left jazzed up but this seminar was about completing all those actions. Putting the affirmations on the mirror only works for so long before you look right past them. I am living proof that it works! My income has drastically increased and all that I envisioned in my Life Vision is coming into fruition. Thank you Ann for making a system where we could go from just believing to creating with applied action and knowledge.

Marci Loughmiller

We had been waiting for a house in foreclosure to become available. Meanwhile we were looking at other houses. As the possibility of the foreclosed house began to fade we started looking more earnestly in the real estate market. It was discouraging to say the least. Nothing in the price range we wanted to spend was adequate.

I wrote in my ILV-NewHouse the features we were looking for, including space and price. Within about 2 weeks of listening we came upon a house, placed an offer, and are now moved in.

CR, client
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